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The Road Ahead

Distance runners know what it means to prepare for challenging goals and personal bests. We put in countless hours of training getting ready for races, improving our PRs and working toward being better tomorrow than we are today. We are dedicated. 

A Marathoner was founded to support the often grueling training distance runners put themselves through with the end goal in mind, the finish line. With the right information (we look forward to posting to this blog), equipment and activewear, training becomes easier and more effective.

We are runners just like you and we're here to support your goals. Whether you're new to running and looking to complete your first 5k, if if you're more experienced and working hard to prepare for your half, full or ultra marathon, we've curated training essentials to get you there.

Today we launch our store. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to being an integral part of yours. Run long, run safely, run enjoyably.

~ Eric Brown

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